Our Healthcare Services

Complete Health Assessment

We diagnose, treat, and provide follow-up care for medical/health issues and are adult primary care physicians for all non-surgical healthcare.

We primarily see patients in our office and also visit area senior care facilities to continue the care of our patients.

We perform cryosurgery, also called liquid nitrogen therapy, in our office to treat simple skin lesions such as warts and skin tag removal.

Chronic Care Management

If you have Medicare and live with two or more chronic conditions like arthritis, diabetes, depression or high blood pressure, our dedicated health care providers can help you plan for better health, set goals, and stay on track. Services such as monthly check-ins and 24/7 access to healthcare professionals will improve your overall care coordination.

Anticoagulation Clinic

When you are on an anticoagulant, it is necessary to have your blood monitored on a monthly basis. The Sheboygan Internal Medicine Associates Anticoagulation Clinic is managed by our nurse practitioners who will schedule your appointment, perform the appropriate test using a finger stick, and make medication adjustments as needed. Every patient in the clinic receives ongoing educational counseling.

DOT Exams

Sheboygan Internal Medicine Associates currently offers DOT examinations. These detailed medical exams ensure drivers are in good health to drive a commercial vehicle. Rachael Falle, NP is a provider with the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners and can perform DOT examinations.

Education and Counseling

The Sheboygan Internal Medicine Associates staff provides educational materials and support to meet your goals when you have nutritional concerns such as weight control, are trying to quit smoking, or have other health challenges. We provide a variety of information detailing alternatives and can design a custom plan that supports you for a successful outcome.

Full Service Laboratory

Sheboygan Internal Medicine Associates offers an array of onsite diagnostic services and performs more than 200,000 analyses annually. Our staff consists of ASCP (American Society of Clinical Pathologists) certified medical laboratory scientists that operate from a CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments) and COLA-certified laboratory. This means we can perform both routine testing and occupational healthcare screenings as well as advanced lab tests to enable us to monitor acute and chronic diseases with extremely fast turnaround time.

Offsite Health Care

Making a trip to see a doctor may not always be the preferred option for patients who are recovering at area rehabilitation centers or reside in senior care facilities. It may involve arranging for transportation with a family member or paying for transportation services. We understand these difficulties and are proud to deliver healthcare to your doorstep.

Advance Directives

Also known as advance healthcare directive, living will, personal directive, medical directive, or advance decision, an advance directive is a legal document in which you specify what actions should be taken for your health if you are no longer able to make decisions for yourself due to illness or incapacity. A living will is one form of advance directive, leaving instructions for treatment. Another form is a specific type of power of attorney or health care proxy in which you authorize someone (an agent) to make decisions on your behalf when you are incapacitated.


Ultrasound scans use high-frequency sound waves to capture live images from the inside of your body. Ultrasound can also measure the flow of blood in the arteries to detect blockages. Ultrasound testing is safe and easy to perform in the Sheboygan Internal Medicine Associates office.

Women's Health

Would you be more comfortable seeing a woman for your care, including pap and pelvic exams? Dr. Zurich and our team of female nurse practitioners are the best choice! Anytime is the right time to begin seeing a new healthcare provider.

Additional Services

Sheboygan Internal Medicine Associates also provides: electrocardiogram (EKG), simple suturing, cortisone injections, mole/skin tag removal, wound care, flu and other vaccinations, offsite healthcare, wellness exams, annual physical exams, and more. Call our office for more detailed information!

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