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From left to right: top: Nurse Practitioner Rachel Falle, Nurse Practitioner Theresa Brosnan-Schuler, Nurse Practitioner Doris Theune, Nurse Practitioner Shana Hogue

From left to right: bottom: Nurse Practitioner Nicole L. Steinhardt, Dr. Elizabeth L. Zurich, Nurse Practitioner Jessica L. Murphy

When you just want to see a woman for routine women's health care

Would you be more comfortable seeing a woman for your care, including pap and pelvic exams? Dr. Zurich and our team of female nurse practitioners may be the best choice. Anytime is the right time to begin seeing a new healthcare provider.

Annual Exams and More

As primary care medical providers, we can address your health care needs from general physical exams through continued care for chronic conditions. Think of us as your trusted friend for all health issues. We combine an emphasis on wellness with the most current health treatments. Our onsite lab saves you time by having blood work, tests, and x-rays done right here.

Physician or Nurse Practitioner

A nurse practitioner (NP) has advanced education and clinical training and offers many of the same services a doctor does. Dr. Zurich is board certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine and our NPs are board certified by the American Nurses Credentialing Center. The female healthcare provider you choose is really a personal preference since all are highly qualified.

Women Who Care

Let's be honest. Discussing sensitive health issues with a woman is more comfortable. These women have experienced many of the same issues and will take the time to assure you are fully informed and aware of options. They are genuinely concerned about your overall health and wellness.

Who Do You Choose?

Having similar interests and getting to know something about our healthcare providers, may help you to decide who you'd like to see.

Elizabeth Zurich, DO

Dr. Zurich recently is a mom who understands the demands of a career and family. She enjoys tennis and playing classical piano. She sees patients with a broad range of health concerns.

Jessica L. Murphy, ANP-BC

Jessica’s special interests include spending time outdoors with her family and running.

Rachael Falle, ANP-BC

Rachael is a newlywed who enjoys golfing and being outdoors. She focuses on overall health for women of all ages.

Shana Hogue, FNP-BC

Shana is the married mother of two daughters. She has experience in women's acute health care. She enjoys running, sports, fishing and being outdoors.

Theresa Brosnan-Schuler, ANP-BC

Theresa is the married mother of two young children. She focuses on weight loss issues and diabetes management.

Monica DeMuth, FNP-BC

Monica is married and became a mother of twins at age 40. She has a passion for caring for women of all ages.

Nicole Steinhardt, FNP-BC

Nicole is the married mother of three school-age children. She is athletic and participates in marathons. Her focus is overall health for women of all ages.

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