Sheboygan Internal Medicine Associates Health Reach: Healthcare That Comes to You

Making a trip to see a doctor may not always be the preferred option for our patients who reside in senior care facilities. It may involve arranging for transportation with a family member or paying for transportation services. We understand these difficulties and are proud that Doris Theune and Rachael Falle deliver healthcare to your doorstep.

The nursing staff at your facility can give you more details about our dedicated Sheboygan Internal Medicine Associates Nurse Practitioners including how charges are handled and when the next onsite visit is scheduled.

Your nursing staff is trained to handle your basic health related issues. However, when chronic conditions or acute concerns arise, the nursing staff may be required to seek advice from someone with more advanced training such as a Nurse Practitioner or Physician. With Sheboygan Internal Medicine Associates, you have the option to take care of health issues for which you normally travel to a doctor and have them handled at your location by one of our nurse practitioners. Here is an overview of some the serviced offered by our nurse practitioners:

physical exam
blood pressure screening
wound care
diagnosis and treatment of common health issues
management of medications
cold and flu symptoms
ear aches
balance issues
weight control/nutrition
acute concerns
chronic conditions

Here are the facilities we currently see patients at:

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